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Did you order everything you need?

Fed up with searching for exactly the right color paint pen?  Make your own paint pens with YOUR special colors!

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NEW empty refillable paint pens, to be filled by you, for you, with YOUR chosen colors.  Yes, you CAN 'make your own' paint pen for all your craft needs.  Easy to fill, easy to use! 

Easy to fill and assemble Use for paint, solvents, inks, stains and more NO MESS when using the pen on your craft or product Resistant to most solvents (MEK, acetone, isopropyl alcohol, xylene, screen printing solvent, etc) Sturdy aluminum barrels Holds up to 15cc of liquid
Paint pen parts kits make color change easy and economical. Pricing

The ideal funnel with which to fill your paint pen.  Pricing


Note: Certain mediums, such as acrylic paint, may initially be too thick to work properly with the nib in the marker barrel. In such a case, these mediums may have to be thinned out to work properly with the marker mechanism. 

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So many uses!!

How do YOU use your paint pen?  Want a link to your website to display your craft or product?

Just email me and tell me how you use your paint pen and I will add it to the list below and add your link (craft or product you make yourself only, please) to the section below.


DIY Greeting Cards
decorate your backpack
make faux stained glass
jewelry cleaning
customizing or painting sneakers
personalize skateboards
pinstripe surfboards
paint on canvas
automotive detailing
solder flux remover
gun barrel bluing
furniture stain
whitewall tire paint
use with MEK solvent to remove excess putty from repaired window panes