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Your Refillable Paint Pen and Marker Store

Upstate Specialty Manufacturing Co. Mechanicville NY 12118  518-669-5941  Questions? Contact us now.

Fed up with searching for exactly the right color paint pen?  Make your own craft paint pens and auto paint touch-up pens with YOUR special colors!

aluminum pump paint penSpring special 25 paint pens, with metal mixing balls, regularly $46.99, only $39.95 plus FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING until 8/30.
Don't forget your funnels for easy filling! plastic funnels to fill paint pens, perfume vials, beads, sand artBuy here

Note: Certain mediums may initially be too thick to work properly with the nib in the marker barrel. In such a case, these mediums may have to be thinned out to work properly with the marker mechanism.   In the case of the felt tip markers, it is best to use a fluid with roughly the same viscosity (thickness) as water, or less.

Paint pen parts kits make color change easy and economical.
Buy them here.
parts so you can reuse your paint pen with new colors
inexpensive felt tip polypropylene refillable markersGrab 50 empty felt tip markers for just $49.99 and get 15 more FREE plus FREE SHIPPING.
Great for inks and stains, easy to fill, change colors and reuse.  Buy marker parts kits for color change here.
Expires 8/30.
     easy to change colors in your refillable plastic felt tip marker

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