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Fed up with searching for exactly the right color paint pen?  Make your own craft paint pens and auto paint touch-up pens with YOUR special colors!

inexpensive felt tip polypropylene refillable markers aluminum pump paint pen
Spring special 25 paint pens, with metal mixing balls, regularly $46.99, only $39.95 plus FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING until 8/30.
Don't forget your funnels for easy filling! plastic funnels to fill paint pens, perfume vials, beads, sand artBuy here
  • Easy to fill and assemble; barrel can be reused for other colors.
  • Use for paint, solvents, inks, stains and more.
  • NO MESS when using the pen on your craft or product.
  • Resistant to MEK, acetone, isopropyl alcohol, xylene, screen print solvent and thinner, etc.
  • Sturdy aluminum barrels hold up to 15cc of liquid.

Note: Certain mediums may initially be too thick to work properly with the nib in the marker barrel. In such a case, these mediums may have to be thinned out to work properly with the marker mechanism.   In the case of the felt tip markers, it is best to use a fluid with roughly the same viscosity (thickness) as water, or less.

Grab 50 empty felt tip markers for just $49.99 and get 15 more FREE plus FREE SHIPPING.
Great for inks and stains, easy to fill, change colors and reuse - parts kits for color change
Expires 8/30.
     easy to change colors in your refillable plastic felt tip marker

So many uses!

  • scrap-booking
  • DIY Greeting Cards
  • decorate your backpack
  •  ceramics
  • make faux stained glass
  •  metal
  • fabric
  •  jewelry
  •  cleaning
  •  customizing or painting sneakers
  • personalize skateboards
  • pinstripe surfboards
  • paint on canvas
  • automotive detailing solder
  • flux remover
  • gun barrel bluing
  •  furniture stain
  • whitewall tire paint
  • clean repaired window panes

Paint pen parts kits make color change easy and economical.
Buy them here.

parts so you can reuse your paint pen with new colors

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