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tiny plastic funnels for perfume vials, sand art and paint pensThese little polypropylene funnels are ideal for filling refillable marker pens, perfume vials, natural essential oils, etc.  The funnels are 1.5" high. 1.2" across the large end, and .25" across the small end with a .17" inside diameter at the filling tip.  They  are not sterile and cannot be autoclaved and are not for food use.
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Metal mixing balls make your refillable paint pen work better. Metal mixing balls provide better and easier blending of liquids in the marker.  Shake to stir.   5/16th of an inch nickel plated brass (or similar, depending on supply).

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At last!  NO MORE MESS filling your paint pens and refillable markers!Our 10cc syringe makes it easy to fill markers, paint pens, perfume bottles.
5 10cc syringes only $6.49!
10 10cc syringes $10.99!

The easy way to fill your refillable felt tip markers, refillable marker pens, perfume bottle and other tiny containers.  Keep your work area and the outside of your refillable markers neat and clean with these handy plastic syringes. This is the primo method for neat, easy precise filling of paint pens.

These are NOT intended or suited for human or pet medical or food uses.  They are not sterile and cannot be autoclaved.

The tips are cut flat and are blunt and not for human or veterinary injection use.

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