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NEW! Use your credit card safely and securely via PayPal - and you do NOT need a payPal account Check it out!

Excerpted from PayPal's site.......

Buyers Can Checkout Without a PayPal Account

PayPal has optimized the checkout experience with an exciting improvement to our payment flow.

For new buyers, signing up for a PayPal account is now optional. This means your customers can complete their payments first, and then decide whether to save their information in a PayPal account for future purchases. The checkout is more convenient, resulting in more completed sales and satisfied customers.

.......... The checkout automatically applies to Website Payment tools like Buy Now Buttons, Donations, and PayPal Shopping Cart, as well as our Request Money and PayPal Invoicing features.

Here’s how this easier checkout works:

Customers enter their name and shipping address. They’re prompted for their credit card, email address, and phone number. (Optional) After reviewing their information, they may choose to save their information by creating a PayPal account to make future transactions faster.

{ PaintPenPeople note: If you do not want to open PayPal account there is no need to - just complete the checkout and off you go - and your order will be shipped within a few days! }

Please note that PayPal’s fraud prevention measures remain in effect for buyers who use this checkout. PayPal applies the same techniques for this checkout as it does for other transactions. { PaintPenPeople note: You are protected even though you are not a PayPal member! }


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