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Super fine tip make your own markers

Our fine point make your own felt marker to fill with your own ink
You can make felt tip markers that are finer than standard Sharpies.

The fine tip is no bigger that the lettering on a coin.
See just how small the point on the make your own fine tip marker is.

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150 119.99 free

Versatile 1/4" felt tip markers for inks,
stains and alcohol based paints.

refillable plastic marker paints crafts and paper beads
Our best selling felt tip marker - easy to make your own. Details below the payment chart.

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Refillable felt tip markers

Wouldn't it be great to make your own DIY paint markers?  You could mix the exact colors you want and save a bundle over buying filled markers in the store.  These refillable paint markers are easy to fill and easier to use.

felt tip refillable markers for inks and stains are used and held just like a refillable marker pen.
It is easy to assemble felt tip markers and add your own ink or stain.

The transorb reservoir will hold around 10cc of ink.  The blank felt tip is cut diagonally and measures 1/4" by about 1/8".┬áThe entire marker with cap and plug is 53/4 inches long and a tad over 5/8 of an inch in diameter at the rear opening.┬áThe reservoir and the nib are easily replaceable so you can use the same marker for many colors. The rear plug is a flat plastic cap. The plug does have a handy stub to hold the marker cap when the marker is in use.

Felt tip markers color change parts

these parts let you reuse your felt tip marker with different colors

Change colors without throwing away the marker!  Kit includes reservoirs and blank felt tips.

How many do you need?
Extra nibs and reservoirs as priced above must be purchased with your marker order.  Please add $5 S&H if you buy after your marker order is shipped.


Make your own fine tip makers

Now you can easily make your own markers for crafts and artwork. You choose the exact colors you need, and the markers are so inexpensive that you can make them up even for colors that you use only rarely.

The soft absorbent internal reservoirs hold around 10ml of fluid. They are ideal for alcohol and water based inks and stains, and can be used with low viscosity paint. They will not do well with oils or latex paint.

They are also ideal for clean up. Just fill a few of them with isopropyl alcohol and use them for ink and paint removal.

These polypropylene markers are molded in New Jersey and assembled in New York. The nibs and reservoirs are imported.

A word about our blank felt tip markers ....

They will not hold up to acetone, MEK, xylene, and screen print ink thinners or cleaners.  Use our aluminum refillable paint pens for those solvents.

They will not do well with some stains (depending on the thinner used in the stain), and some solvents.  Again, an aluminum refillable paint pen is ideal for these types of liquids.

Syringes for refillable felt tip markers and to make painting pens at home

Our 10cc syringe makes it easy to fill markers, paint pens, perfume bottles.
5 10cc syringes only $6.49!
10 10cc syringes $10.99!

The easy way to fill your paint pen, perfume bottle and other tiny containers.  Keep your work area neat and clean with these handy plastic syringes. This is the primo method for neat, easy precise filling of paint pens.

These are NOT intended or suited for human or pet medical or food uses.  They are not sterile and cannot be autoclaved.

The tips are cut flat and are blunt and not for human or veterinary injection use.

Did you know ....

  That these refillable markers are ideal for leather coloring, dyeing, and repair.  They work perfectly with the Angelus line of shoe coloring and refurbishing products.

Angelus dyes are permanent liquid dyes for leather goods and gourds.  They can be used for craft work and in leather and suede touch up and repair to neatly and evenly apply color to small areas.

Our refillable markers use the same barrel and cap components used in the Angelus broad tipped refillable marker.

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