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Use your original wall color in refillable paint pens for latex scratch and spot repair.

Have smooth un-marred latex painted walls in no time!  Touch up after the kids, pets, daily wear and tear and make your walls look new.

Easily cover scratches and dings with no mess or dripping.  The precision 3mm tips in our “make your own” paint pens give you precise control over the application of touch up paint and prevent over-painting and dripping.  Any good hardware, paint,

Refillable latex paint pens do a great job of touching up latex paint on the seam between the wall and the ceiling.
Make perfect seams between the ceiling and wall when you paint a room.
or home improvement store can mix your color based on a sample taken from the outside of the original can or a chip of paint that you can peel off off behind a baseboard or in a hidden area.

You will want to thin the paint to around a ratio of 3 parts paint to 1 part water.  It will slow the drying process a bit but should not affect the color once dried - check the photo.   Depending on the brand of paint you use you may be able to fill your refillable latex paint pen with a less diluting ratio of water to paint, and you may want to explore using Floetrol instead of water to make the paint fill the nib and flow better.

Paint the wall / ceiling seam perfectly!

I am quoting here from an e-mail one of my customers sent me. “So I’ve had a chance to work with the paint pens some. My idea was to try and find a good way to fix the rather sloppy wal to ceiling paint line I had in some of my rooms. Some people can cut in the color on the wall against the white ceiling paint to get a nice edge. But I have trouble with that. ..... Of course these pens rely on gravity to have the liquid flow,  so I had to tip the pen down for a second or two into a rag, pushing the tip in (engaging the spring) and then paint an inch or two, and then repeat.
The picture above may not really do justice, but I was able to fill in the bad spots where I was too far below the ceiling/wall junction with the wall color. To me the advantage was that I did not have a sloppy brush or paint can/cup that I could spill. Diluting the paint did not seem to affect the color at all, or least I can not see a difference.”

Prepare early for future painting

After you paint your walls or ceiling be sure to fill a few paint pens with each color you used before you put the paint away. When you have minor spot painting to do, or repaint a wall scratch, the paint pens will be ready to use and you won’t have to get the paint can out and do all the work that entails. Just grab the paint pen, shake for a few minutes, touch up the wall and you’re done.

Buy make your own paint pens today and take the first step to saving time money and mess when touching up your latex painted walls.

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